Reflections on the Execution of Saddam

The execution of Saddam evoked many reactions among Iraqis, the process was botched and Saddam used it to promote his own image to the very last second of his life. It is out of place to show feelings of joy and celebration when the country is under occupation and the security of its people is lost, but also are the signs of admiration and nostalgia towards the dead dictator who ruled by terror.
An email circulated between Iraqis claimed to tell the ten real reasons for executing saddam, it counted Saddam’s alleged good deeds of eradicating illiteracy, free education, employment for all, free healthcare..etc.. then it added the virtue number eleven which claimed that Saddam was so clean he never took any bribe! To my mind this is so preposterous that if you you added up the cost of all the previous ten “virtues” it will only be a fraction of the money he took. How can anybody rationalize such a claim? Since Saddam and his sons did not live to enjoy their bootie, some people saw his intentions in squandering the Iraqi economy were not selfish. Many of those who sympathise were themselves victimised by his regime, it is as if the thug is elevated to the rank of martyrdom by the prayer of his own victims. It is inevitable that some people will always get the wrong message from the lessons of history, and we Iraqis must tolerate such opinions although most of us don’t agree.
On the other hand, during a question period at the Iraqi parliament, the Minister of Justice was asked about Saddam’s trial, he said that he was not involved in any of its events or selections, and he had nothing to do with it from near or far. It gives a new meaning to the word indpendence: The judiciary is so independent that it is formed by non-Iraqi outsiders.. The question is: Why didn’t the Minister resign in protest over bypassing his office?

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