A Hooded Policeman is an Oxymoron in Any Language

The images of hooded policemen in Iraq are plenty, which is strange enough but what is stranger is the tolerance of the media to this phenomenon; it has become normal, acceptable and understandable to excuse the same policemen for hiding their faces while on duty: why of course because they want to avoid retaliation.. Yet it became naive and politically incorrect to ask why should there be retaliation if their cause was really just !
A hooded policeman is an oxymoron in any language; it is a slur on those who tolerate it and a sure sign of bad intent on those who practice it, but why do I bring this subject now? Because lately, there seems to be serious questions about what will happen next to Al-Maliki’s government, including the risky, hooded policeman’s tactic of changing the government unlawfully. After nearly 50 years of coups in Iraq, we came to expect change of old tactics and respect of the law. It is far safer to let the UN run Census and Elections in Iraq (UNCEI), the short term result are the same change of government, but in the long term it is more likely to lead to stability.

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