Anniversary of US Troops Departure from Iraq

Around this time last year all U.S. troops left Iraq permanently, on 2nd January 2013 I was interviewed about this anniversary by the CBC Radio program Home run (FM88.5 in Montreal). I would like to thank the Home run team, particularly Jeanette Kelly the holiday host and Brendan the researcher.

Questions that came up during the interview were about the Arab Spring and the likelihood of stability in Iraq, I suggested that a U.N. run census and elections is still the most promising political alternative to violence in my opinion. Today some of Iraq’s provinces are in turmoil and the protesters listed their demands of the central government, one of the most prominent is a U.N. run census. I am pleased to see this demand is finally gaining recognition and proud to be part of the group which sowed the seeds in Montreal in 2006 when we had our petition for the same.

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