BBC Slant in Reporting Blackwater Case Dismissal

The recent case dismissal of the Blackwater security personnel for a technicality by a US tribunal outraged many Iraqis, the crime of killing 14 to 17 innocent drivers and passengers trapped in heavy traffic in downtown Baghdad for no reason but to make way for the Blackwater employees speaks for itself. Today the BBC World News reported the effort of the Iraqi government to appeal the decision was described as seeking “what it sees as justice” and its state as “hopping mad”, and wrongly described the dismissal as acquittal, although the reporter did explain later in the report that the dismissal occured because of legal technical reasons.
I find the reporting biased, callous and slanted against the victims. The story focused on the state of the Iraqi government and saw nothing wrong with letting loose 5 security guards “accused” of senseless multiple killings.

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